About Engine

I am involved with large scale apartment dwellings combining residential and retail uses in the same development. Engine and in particular Andy Dawson with his experience and knowledge provide valuable recommendations to the functionality of a project from the design stages through to the town planning process.

His attention to detail, his experience and knowledge how things actually work in reality ensures that my projects function with the minimal of fuss not only when first completed but also well after the project is completed. I have been involved with many OC managers over the years and he is the best. Peter Timms Senior Development Manager Little Projects

Peter Timms
Senior Development Manager
Little Projects

Engine has provided Owners Corporation Management services to Royal Domain Tower for over 9 years. The role is an extremely important part of the successful operation and management of Royal Domain Tower, working closely with the Building Manager and Committee. Over that period, Engine has provided an unequalled level of service and commitment.

A recently elected Committee has sought a number of improvements to RDT that included seeking a resolution to a number of outstanding issues including assisting with building warranty matters on behalf of the owners corporation with the developers & builders. In this regard, Andy Dawson has provided an exceptional level of personal commitment in assisting, advising and being part of the subcommittee in discussions with specialist advisors and builders. The level of input has been much valued by the subcommittee who are well advanced in reaching a resolution for the outstanding building defects issues, a task ably assisted by the input and resources available with Engine. This work was all above and beyond normal management services.

Andy Dawson and his team have advised another subcommittee on various aspects of compliance with the relevant regulations relating to major renovations to apartments and together with the Committee have provided RDT with an appropriate, detailed and comprehensive set of guidelines to be used in the assessments required as part of the Committee approval process. All of this was in addition to the normal and usual, management services provided by an OC Manager in relation to regulatory issues, financial reporting, committee attendance, administration and dealing with owner and resident queries. RDT are proud to have an association with Andy and his team of professionals at Engine.

Alan Maw
Royal Domain Tower

Our Committee very much enjoys the enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the Engine Team. The Committee agrees that their knowledge of statutory obligations and responsibilities is beyond reproach and their financial expertise unquestionable.

Michele Anderson
Nolan Tower | New Quay

Villawood Properties have had an excellent relationship with the Estates Team for over ten years and we consider them the benchmark of the industry. Their services were enlisted at Alamanda, Villawood’s largest ever development and flagship project in Point Cook. The estates team have established and maintained credibility, trust and confidence with the members. Villawood have subsequently won awards for Alamanda at State and National levels which would not have been attainable without their valued assistance. We have no hesitation in recommending their services to other developers as we have consistently done over the past ten years.

Rory Costelloe
Executive Director
Villawood Properties