Digital bulletin board between elevators

Revolutionising the Bulletin Board – Digital Notice Boards

by Engine Property Group

From a water supply disruption to a problem within the local community, residents turn to property managers for several reasons. Unsurprisingly, a lack of communication from property managers is one of the biggest issues reported by unhappy residents. For this reason, Engine is always exploring innovative ways to better communicate with residents to continue delivering exemplary service. One such communication channel taking the building management world by storm is digital notice boards.

We are fortunate to work with Australia's leading provider of digital notice boards, CommVision, who recently fitted screens within the lobby of Paragon Tower, beautifully developed by Beulah and proudly managed by Engine. CommVision's expert care and exceptional service stand far above the competition. We have collaborated with them on this article to explain the benefits of digital notice boards for residents and property managers alike.

digital bulletin board above mailboxesWhat is a digital notice board?

Digital notice boards are informative display screens, usually found within shared spaces such as elevators or in the lobby of a building. Having information displayed on an eye-catching screen ensures that residents receive updates promptly. This information can range from specifying upcoming building maintenance or service disruptions to community announcements and news.

OC Communication Best Practice

CommVision increases communication and awareness in buildings by installing their unique touchscreen digital notice boards in the common areas people spend the most time in, such as lobby, gym and mailroom.

The bespoke residential software enables Engine to schedule notices to be displayed at the most relevant times, meaning residents are kept fully informed of building updates and Community announcements. The system can also be easily integrated with building management apps utilised by Engine across sites under management, such as Erin Living.

Working with this system also provides the opportunity for OC committees to connect with, and give back to, the local community. All of this is done to make sure the residents feel seen and heard.

digital bulletin board between elevators

What are the benefits of digital notice boards?

One of the greatest benefits of having digital notice boards within a building is the "wow" factor. It is cutting-edge technology that offers a crystal-clear resolution that is bound to catch the attention of residents.

  • Increased Transparency: Having a central information screen for all residents is a fantastic way to reduce miscommunication or confusion around messages or interest updates. This way, installing a digital notice board will guarantee that everyone receives the same information simultaneously.
  • Speedy Communication: A common complaint amongst those living in multi-residential complexes is the lack of speed with which managers respond to and act upon issues within a building. Having a digital display allows managers a platform to deliver updates in real-time, without the need for them to visit the property. Also, property managers can effortlessly update the screens from any device.
  • Local Community Support: Alongside offering a seamless line of communication towards residents, CommVision works with local councils, police, retailers, strata committee associations, and other management groups to keep residents informed of matters in their local areas.
  • This particularly useful perk allows managers to foster valuable connections with the surrounding community, including promoting community-based events and fundraisers and expand their reach in a positive way.
  • Sustainability: As there is no need for paper with digital notice boards, there is a reduction in wastage when the information displayed becomes obsolete, outdated, or irrelevant. Plus, any information needing to be displayed can easily be uploaded remotely to the content management software, meaning a manager does not have to travel amongst the buildings they manage, thus reducing their carbon footprint.

If you are interested in having digital notice boards installed within your building, we happily recommend contacting CommVision to arrange a demonstration.