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Our Values

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Engine is driven by some clearly defined values that our clients have come to appreciate because they can see how these values shape the everyday actions of the Engine team. First and foremost, Engine exists to improve our client’s quality of life. Giving owners the confidence to know that their building and estate is being extremely well managed provides a sense of enjoyment and reassurance that owners want to experience when thinking about their most significant investment.

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In addition, Engine understands the important influence its work plays in the livability of the wider community in which it operates. With Engine’s multi level presence in Melbourne’s inner city areas, CBD, St Kilda Road & Docklands quite significant, coupled with major estates positioned to the east, west and north, it acknowledges the functionality of the built or estate environment and the capability of that environment to reach its full potential for its residents. Such a value provides important context in Engine’s work. Further, Engine takes pride in excellence, which begins with its handpicked team, which flows through to the quality of ongoing working relationships. Meeting high expectations is a standard Engine enjoys being held to.

Our Approach

Working with Engine can be characterised as an empowering relationship for an owners corporation. Over time, owners come to realise they are working with a leading edge management team using its comprehensive capabilities to best serve the needs of its clients. In managing each property, the Engine team operates at the centre of a network in which establishing and maintaining trust with owners and other key stakeholders creates an environment in which succinct decision making and efficiency work hand-in-glove.
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As Engine establishes its systems and processes in a new or existing building or estate, the team works proactively to identify issues that are either common to the largest complexes or are idiosyncrasies that need to be understood and corrected. Finally, as a team dedicated to being the best, Engine is always pursuing higher standards of practice and wherever possible looking to improve service quality and effectiveness. This can only happen when a building or an estate is viewed holistically and all the dynamics that operate within a building or an estate are identified. With this all-encompassing management paradigm, Engine can make connections and find improvements that otherwise remain hidden to those who only view specific aspects of a building or estate’s functionality at face value. Such is the basis of the customisation of the Engine service proposition whereas the provision of owners corporation management services is now underpinned by the offer of facility management, building and estate technical expertise and building management systems.
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"Our Committee very much enjoys the enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the Engine Team. The Committee agrees that their knowledge of statutory obligations and responsibilities is beyond reproach and their financial expertise unquestionable."

Michelle Anderson, Chairperson
Nolan Towers, New Quay