About Engine

  • Owners Corporation Management

    With trained, experienced and qualified Owners Corporation Managers your property could not be in better hands.

    Whether it be advice to committees and residents on the rights and responsibilities of an Owners Corporation to diligent and comprehensive management of meetings and documents.

    Let our staff assist you to a better building or estate.

  • Developer Services

    From our portfolio it can be seen that we have worked with and have commenced work with many leading national and international developers.

    From residential estates to high rise to commercial properties our team are able to provide advice and consultancy on all aspects of setting up a development to be managed as an Owners Corporation.

    We pride ourselves on our diverse and lateral methods of thinking to provide the most comprehensive solutions and advice to our clients.

  • Financial Management

    Our finance team operates in the centre of financial transparency and accountability.

    We consider the timely delivery of accurate and easy to understand financial data to our customers to be of paramount importance.

    From sound financial analysis to proactive treasury management we are renowned for these indicators of performance.

    Giving our customers the confidence to know that their funds are exceptionally well managed creates a high level of reassurance when they are thinking about their most significant investment.

  • Customer Relations

    We pride ourselves on our ability to build not only a strong business relationship with our clients and customers, but also a relationship where our mutual desires for strong and professional management can be achieved.

    It is our mission and goal to excel in the delivery of Customer Service and provision of quality Customer Relations.

  • Land Protection Insurance

    We understand that, as a landlord, you face different risks compared to homeowners and renters. We also understand that if you have worked long and hard to maintain your property, you will want the best protection available.

    Chubb and their engineers have worked closely with both Engine Owners Corporation Management Pty Ltd and Engine Estates Management Pty Ltd across the buildings they manage, making this ancillary product perfect for Engine Clients.

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Exemplary Customer Support

From the helpfulness of our staff to the wealth of information and resources available in our systems Engine are able to provide for the information requirements of our clients anywhere at anytime.

Proactive Customer Service

Our team proactively monitor and understand our customers requirements to provide a paramount level of service.

In House Knowledge

Our staff have been within the industry for over 15 years and the knowledge derived over that period is second to none and is what gives us the ability to provide the level of service we do.

Compliance and ESM Management

Regulatory compliance is pivotal for any building. Engines staff understand this fully and can put in place measures to ensure contractors and auditors meet their obligations.

Trending and Reporting

Engine can provide comprehensive analysis and advice on the health both physically and financially of a property to assist committees in making informed decisions.

“Engine’s finance team is led by a competent and qualified professional, and the strength of the internal control environment is such that we have found the financial information to be of high quality. The personnel at Engine are a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come.”


Michael Climpson / Partner
Grant Thornton Pty Ltd
Chartered Accountants