Our Sustainability Policy

by Engine Property Group


Engine Property Group understands the crucial role we play in achieving net zero as Owners Corporation Managers. Our policy outlines strategic objectives that integrate sustainable practices into strata living, reflecting our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint in our industry and preparing our communities for a sustainable future—supporting our initiative "Are You Future Ready?"

Our commitment extends to the future, our business, our staff, our clients, and the planet. Sustainability isn't just a part of our work—it drives us forward.

Are You Future Ready?

Engine initiated its “Are You Future Ready?” sustainability initiative by hiring a passionate and experienced Sustainability Manager, Sebastian Golotta. Sebastian has proven to be invaluable not only to Engine but also to the apartment owners and developers we work with. Under his guidance, our "Are You Future Ready?" initiative has gained significant momentum.

Education and Engagement

Education is key to advancing our sustainability goals. Through engaging initiatives and widespread communication via social media, newsletters, and regular blog posts, we've made our network aware of sustainability practices that bring their assets closer to being future ready. We recognize the impending changes in environmental regulations, such as the 2030 cessation of petroleum-fuelled vehicle manufacturing and the restrictions on household gas usage by several councils.

Events and Activities

Engine actively coordinates and participates in community events. These include local clean-up days and other environmentally focused activities.


We partner with local organizations and councils to foster sustainability initiatives that deliver substantial value to communities. By leading by example, we aim to set a standard in the Owners Corporation industry for integrating sustainability into business practices.

Innovations for a Sustainable Future

  • Renewable Energy Solutions: Implementing solar and battery storage systems.
  • EV Charging Solutions: Facilitating the shift to electric vehicles through comprehensive charging solutions.
  • Efficiency Upgrades: Utilizing government grants for LED lighting upgrades and retrofitting properties with electrical-only products.
  • Energy Market Innovations: Pooling energy resources to secure discounts for our customers, including a bonus of 20% green power.

Our Commitment as a Business

Engine has taken significant steps to reduce our environmental footprint:

  • Transitioned to LED lighting across our offices.
  • Moving towards becoming a paperless office.
  • Set heating and cooling to efficient, moderate temperatures.
  • Implemented recycling programs for coffee pods, e-waste, spent batteries, and office furniture.
  • Enhanced workplace facilities to encourage cycling and use of public transport.

Review and Adaptation

We commit to regular reviews of our policy to incorporate emerging technologies and stakeholder feedback, ensuring continuous improvement in our sustainability efforts.


Engine’s sustainability policy is more than a framework—it is a crucial part of our operations and a declaration of our commitment to a cleaner, greener, and healthier future. Together we are paving the way to being truly “future ready”.